Normally when someone asks me what I do for a living, this is how the dialogue goes…

Human: “What do you do for a living?”

Me: “Oh, I’m a wedding planner!”

Human: “Oh my goodness, why would you ever do that? You have to be psycho to do that. I could never deal with the craziness of a bride and groom and their family and friends on their wedding day.”

But you see, that’s where I disagree, I love weddings. I love the stress, I love the hiccups involved in weddings, I love the crazy family members, I love the couples determined, or destined (not sure which one makes them sound better) to make their day perfect. I feel like that is the environment I THRIVE in. My job involves the BEST day of two people’s lives, every dang time.

Let’s rewind about 15 years. Growing up, little Mady’s backyard backed up to a golf course. I came up with the B R I L L I A N T idea to bake brownies (not the Colorado kind, I was eight years old, guys) and spin up some lemonade (I probably found that in the pantry – you know, the big “Country Time” canisters), and at night I searched the golf course for balls that were hit by the best golfers known to man… the ones that shanked it into the weeds. Then I came home and shined those bad boys up. Little me found a cardboard box, ripped it up, and wrote all my prices on the cardboard using my markers. If we are being honest, I probably alternated rainbow colors for my letters. Anyway, after I came up with all the merchandise, I drug my PlayMate plastic picnic table to the edge of the fence and sold all of my wares. If the greenskeeper, or the cart girl would get mad, I would stand my ground… profits were good that summer. Thinking back, 20 year old me (who worked as a cart girl at a golf course), would’ve been annoyed with 8 year old me.

My toothless, little entrepreneur-self was a top seller for Girl Scout Cookie sales, for multiple years. I was rather good at going door-to-door and convincing strangers to buy cookies. Understandably, how could you say no to someone with no front teeth?

Now that my two front teeth have grown in, I’m still that girl who loves the business aspect, and loves being smack dab in the middle of everything on wedding day. Besides constantly hustling people from a young age, I strongly believe that everyone’s wedding day should be exactly how they want it, which is why I went into wedding planning. Weddings can be so amazing. They are absolutely beautiful and represent the couples combined taste, and they are inviting their favorite people to witness the start of the rest of their lives. Doesn’t matter if it’s a massive ceremony, or an elopement. Two humans are marrying the love of their life. Becoming one.

Every couple deserves the best day regardless of their budget, their wild and crazy dreams, their crazy uncle Joe, the weather, or any other influencing element. So, that’s why I get involved. I help design the perfect day, even if you want to incorporate something a little nutty, even if you want to get married off of cliffs in Africa, you name it – let’s do it. I’m here to help the other vendors involved run their business flawlessly. I get involved so your bridesmaids don’t have to become undercover wedding planners. I get involved so your family members can enjoy the day, instead of worrying about bobby pins and missing seating charts. I’ll be there when the crazy and unexpected happens. I do it for the brides and for the grooms – because I want the day to be about them and their love for each other.

Is it a little crazy? Maybe. Do uncontrollable hiccups happen? Probably. Do couples come up with the craziest, best ideas? Yes. Do guests make really great entertainment? For sure. Do attendants love their couples hard? Oh my gosh, YES!

I love things that are aesthetically pleasing, and I love creating perfect tablescapes, or designing escort walls, or listening to the speeches, and seeing the first dances, and honestly any aspect of a wedding day… but I absolutely love seeing two people who are loved so well, and that is why I love my job.