Amazon, everyone’s favorite. Don’t you agree? And you wouldn’t want to leave your favorites out of your wedding. But seriously, your wedding is coming up and you can’t beat Amazon prices and prompt shipping, can you?

Because of this, I wanted to create a little cheat sheet of some of my favorite items from Amazon for weddings, just to make your life a bit easier. Feel free to save this blog post for later!

For the Bridesmaids

Beauty face masks – Whether you want to ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding with these facemask, or maybe even just a facemask for the night before to prep. These are perfect.

Bath bombs – Perfect to ask with or perfect to enjoy.

Earring Backs – Sometimes when you have heavy earrings, the earrings hang down a bit and don’t look as good in pictures. These are perfect for heavy earrings to stay in place! Great for bridesmaids, moms, grandmas’s.. whoever.

Pre-Wedding Self Care

Tanning Drops – Getting married or not, these are my favorite tanning drops hands-down, and they are great for any gal celebrating. Put a few drops in your lotion, and watch the tan join the wedding. These are my favorites even if you have sensitive skin because you can use it with your own products.

Getting Ready on Wedding Day

Olipop – Everyone’s favorite sodas, and not a bad idea to have them on hand on wedding day for getting ready.

Chips – Salty, little munchies never hurt anybody.

Liquid IV – These are great for the wedding party who doesn’t drink enough water, or might just have a few too many during the celebration. I always suggest to have these on hand!

Portable handheld steamer – Perfect for the groomsman, dad, or that bridesmaid dress that just came out of the box. Someone will need this.

Lint roller — Just trust me.

Hand sanitizer — It’s a sign of the times.


Cake knife & spatula – Did you forget to order these little items? That’s okay, Prime shipping has your back.

Clear plastic utensils – These are great if catering isn’t going to stick around for cake time!

Paper masks – It’s 2021 and these bad boys aren’t going away anytime soon.

Felt tip pens – My absolute favorite pens in the whole world, but even better pens for your guest book.

Gauze table runner – This is me letting you in on a little secret of how to add some excitement to your rehearsal dinner, brunch, and other meals.

Polaroid camera – This is great for bachelorette/bachelor parties, or for a guest book replacement.

Film for polaroid camera – Again, you’re going to need to restock your camera with extra film.

Disposable camera – These are amazing for any occasion, but leave a few around your wedding and get the film printed at another time.


Faux ring – If you are the least bit nervous about losing your wedding ring on your honeymoon, my little secret is to buy a cheap one on Amazon and keep the real one at home.

Luggage tags – C’mon, a honeymoon necessity.

Mr + Mrs. Tumblers – These are great if you are staying at a resort! Then you know which ones your drink, and the resort can refill your drinks!