Talk about an easy-going couple… Monica and Jeff came to me in early February as they had just got engaged and were looking to get married in May, on Mothers Day for their sweet mamas. They booked at Woodlands in a heartbeat as this couple had timelines. Within the week that they were planning on getting married, Monica was graduating with her masters AND at the end of that month would be moving to Texas for her new job.

            COVID hit and we toyed with every single idea or possibility there was. Should we stick with their original date? Should we do it in their backyard? Should we do it on a family friend’s ranch? Should we switch the date to the next month? Next year? Or at the end of the summer? Should they just go to the courthouse? At the end of the day, they wanted to get married and all they really cared about was that they could share this day with their closest friends and family. They didn’t want to wait, and with all of the headache that early 2020 threw at them, they needed something exciting in their life, something to look forward to.

            We worked with Monica and Jeff to create a modern and romantic vibe. Monica had the vision of dusty rose and blush colors, as well as sprinkling in as much greenery as we could. Because the wedding was shrinking by more than half, they had more money to invest in some of the little details. Monica wanted the guests to feel spoiled, and for them to enjoy the beauty of the day. Our team worked on a design that included the heart of Monica and Jeff, but also felt special to the guests. The couple loved a three-piece escort wall, and welcome sign, so we created that and made sure it was front and center.  

Family was the most important aspect of the day so after deciding to do the wedding a month after the original date, we worked with the vendors to do whatever was possible to make all family feel safe, and all friends feel like family. Janelle and Stephen at Woodlands were so accommodating to the daily changes as well. They allowed Monica and Jeff to use their lounge stations to make the space feel bigger since we had to shrink the size of the wedding. Janelle and Stephen also helped to serve dinner so that only they were touching all the serving utensils, and we were minimizing the number of people that were contacting one item so that the guests felt safer and we were following all CDC protocols.

            Monica and Jeff had every twist and turn thrown at them, and they handled it with grace. On wedding day, you could feel their love for each other throughout the whole venue and you knew what a perfect match they were for each other. Although coronavirus threw quite a lot of hiccups into their planning, you wouldn’t have known it.